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InfoSec World Expo-Only Pass
The InfoSec World Expo brings together the latest advances in technology and the most innovative solutions your business needs to secure your information assets. Join us at the expo to network with exhibitors and learn more about their products.

Expo Hours
Monday, March 23, 2:30 PM - 7:15 PM 
Tuesday, March 24, 12:15 PM - 6:15 PM

Networking Receptions
Monday, March 23, 4:30 PM 
Tuesday, March 25, 5:15 PM

Your FREE Expo-Only Pass Includes…

Access to Networking Receptions

Tech Update Sessions in the Expo Hall 
Stop by the Tech Theater on the Expo floor to hear from some of the top vendors in the industry on the latest trends and solutions in these 25-minute sessions.

Lock Picking Demo & Competition
What’s the best way to ensure your security infrastructure is up to par? Try breaking into it. Join keynote speaker, Deviant Ollam, for his lock picking demo to learn how to evaluate and implement upgrades to your locks. Attendees can then test their knowledge under pressure during the “Gringo Warrior” challenge.

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Exhibit Sales:
Vendors A-L
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Director of Sales, Conference Division
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Vendors M-Z
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Director of Sales, Conference Division
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